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Create Your Custom Home Design From Scratch

Design the space of your dreams in or around Belton, TX

Buying a home on the market often means that you'll need to do upgrades and remodeling projects to create a space that fits your needs. However, the pros at Classic Homes can help you create a custom home design that matches your style from the start.

Call 254-721-2045 now to start creating your unique floor plan in Belton, TX or the surrounding areas.

What will you prioritize?

When building a custom home, everyone has their own priorities. Your neighbor may put more value in a spacious home theater while you focus on adding guest rooms for your loved ones. That's why we listen to your needs and put your priorities first.

You get to choose everything for your custom home, including:

  • The appliances that are installed
  • The size of your entertainment spaces
  • The location of your master bedroom
  • The finishes that are used
  • The types of flooring, lighting and other features
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms
Ready to get started on your custom home design process in the Belton, TX area? Contact us today to discuss your needs with a skilled contractor.