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Want to Build a Safe Room for your home in or Around Belton, TX?

Ask us how to build a secure space behind your closet

Do you have a plan to protect your family in case of a robbery or natural disaster? If not, reach out to a contractor at Classic Homes. For less than $8,000, we can build a safe room for your home that's customized to fit your whole family, fur babies included.

With three interior locks, steel walls and a base that's tied into the foundation, your room will keep you safe from:

  • Tornados and fires
  • Gunshots and break-ins
  • Hurricanes up to a Category 5
Call 254-721-2045 now to schedule safe room construction services in or around Belton, TX.

What does your safe room need?

How can you make sure your family is prepared for any emergency? Trust us to build a safe room that has:

  • Dependable cell phone reception - make sure your family can always call for help
  • An efficient AC unit - stay comfortable by building a temperature-controlled space
  • Shelving and storage compartments - have a safe space to store away canned food and bottled water
Contact us today to build a safe room for your home.